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As Kate and Rick pretend to stay broken up (for LokSat’s sake) while secretly together, “There’s a lot of ‘lost time to make up for,’ so to speak, in the bedroom. So there is some friskiness,” teases co-showrunner Alexi Hawley. When not canoodling, they’ll tackle a case in the word of competitive a cappella (cue Susan Sullivan and Jon Huertas showing off their pipes!), enter the courtroom (a first for the series), visit the police academy where Kate trained and get some Red Heat action, butting heads with a diplomatic security agent from Russia. Also: When Rick, Alexis and Hayley chase a case to L.A., Gerald McRaney and Summer Glau guest-star, as you know. But what you may not know is that in that episode, the mystery of Rick’s missing time will be solved Once. And. For. All. Says showrunner Terence Paul Winter: “Here’s a promise: We are going to conclude that. It will be done.”

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