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When asked how James knew Nathan Fillion and maybe him coming back for GotG2?

James Gunn: “I would love to put Nathan in GotG2 if it could work out. He’s one of my very good friends as we love working together.”

James Gunn: “Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) is the voice of the big purple guy that gets his nostrils ripped apart by Groot”


Also during this LIVE Q&A, Nathan Fillion himself sent a question to James Gunn via Twitter asking

Nation Fillion: “How did you decide on the soundtrack?”

James Gunn: “I wanted a balance of songs that worked well in the scenes. Songs I liked, songs that I thought were familiar but not TOO familiar. I needed songs that might at first seem mundane and silly but actually grounded us in an unfamiliar world”

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