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Here’s the panel of Nathan from the Philadelphia Comic Con (Wizard World) as well as some photos from fans who attended the convention! There are also a few Q&A from the panel that were posted to the WizardWorld twitter account that I’ve shared below as well.



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– Conventions > 2014 > June 21st – Philadelphia Comic Con

Some of the Q&A highlights from the Nathan & Alan panel at Wizard World:

  • “I had a list of things I wanted to do on TV, and I did it all in the first episode of #Firefly.” – @NathanFillion #wwphillycc
  • Who was best/worst at memorizing lines? Alan was the worst at memorizing Chines, says @NathanFillion #wwphillycc
  • .@NathanFillion says he loved to crash at the Community set. They had a great buffet. #wwphillycc
  • Q. What do you like about voice acting?
    A. “You don’t have to wear pants.” – @NathanFillion #wwphillycc
  • Mal loves his crew bc each one represents something within himself he’s lost, @NathanFillion says. #wwphillycc
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