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Nathan Fillion returns for a second season of Castle as the mystery author solving real mysteries. He previewed one of the new season’s more surprising mysteries in an interview this summer.

“We’re working on one right now where a man is murdered on a polar ice cap and NYPD had jurisdiction,” Fillion said. “It’s a tricky way to go but they make it work.”

Fans of Richard Castle will also want to know what he’s been up to over the summer. “I want to say it’s about a month after we left him with the cliffhanger where he’s obviously crossed the line with Kate Beckett. That’s Castle’s flaw is he doesn’t know when to stop. He doesn’t know when to shut up, he doesn’t know when to quit. It makes him tenacious and great and it also makes him insensitive and selfish and self-absorbed. You get into the area of people doing the right things for the wrong reasons. So we’ve got 13 episodes to look forward to so obviously there has to be some kind of a resolution there. We take care of that. I think it’s really interesting how they go about it. It’s a delicate thing.”

Castle may be fun to watch, but he really gets in the way of actual detectives trying to do their job. Fillion thinks viewers will be more forgiving of him, the more he reveals his serious side.

He explained, “Certainly you have this kind of roguish character that I think is a little too much for me personally to handle. If I were hangin’ out with Castle, I’d have had enough of him by now. I would’ve said, ‘You know what? You’re really cool and everything but I don’t want to hang out with you so much. I’ve had enough.’ But as an audience member, we’re allowed to see into Castle’s life and when things really count and things really matter, I think that’s what makes him a little more forgivable. He’s not a mean man. He’s not vindictive. He’s simply a little inconsiderate, simply a little self-centered. But when it comes to his daughter, when it comes to his family, I think that’s where we see another side of him. I think it rounds out the character, makes him a lot more likeable.”

“Castle” returns this fall on ABC.


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