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Nathan Fillion Online’s ‘WALL OF FAME’

Are you a frequent visitor of Nathan Fillion Online? As you might know, NFO has been online for about 8.5 years providing updates and high quality photos of Nathan to fans. Throughout the years, the expenses of maintaining the site can get expensive with the annual domain renewals, potentially changing to a paid host (in the works as it is more secure, reliable and no ads!), and majority of the challenge to gather high quality photos and more to share on our site and gallery.

So donations are always welcome whether in the form of photos/captures to our gallery or financially towards the operations of the website. I can assure you, any monetary compensation received will be put towards continuously making NFO even better.

If you donate, you will be added to our “Wall Of Fame” as a thank-you for your donations! Nothing is too small and anything helps <3

Gallery Donation: (Help make NFO the largest collection hub for Nathan Fillion on the web.)

What can you donate?
– Event Photos
– Candids Photos
– Magazine Scans
– Rare or hard to find photoshoots
– Screen Captures
– Video Clips
– Icons
– Wallpapers
– Animations
– and more!

Send photo donations to nfilliononline[@] 
Please include how you would like to be credited (link, nickname, etc)

Financial Donation (Via Paypal, the safe and secure way to help with NFO’s operations):

Nathan Fillion Online’s [WALL OF FAME]

Thank you to the members of our community below that have donated to keep NFO running on the web. We will have random giveaways in the future for contributors that have donated. Stay tuned to our social media for updates. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated!

  1. Jane Hartsock ($)
  2. Angie J. ($)
  3. Dorothy MacDonald ($)
  4. Wendy ($)
  5. Ina M. ($)
  6. Janet C. ($)
  7. Susan ($)
  8. HerPegship (Screencaptures)
  9. HerPegship ($)
  10. Sheri ($)
  11. HerPegship (Screencaptures – The Rookie season 2)

Our first giveaway to our Wall of Famees was an item from the Firefly <Malcolm Reynolds> Lootcrate box. Congrats to HerPegship for winning our first giveaway!

More giveaways to come!

* Updated as of Oct 26th 2020.

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