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I was looking over the net and found one new HQ still of Nathan from Desperate Housewives 4×03 – The Game into the gallery.

Desperate Housewives Episode Stills

I have added in over 1000 HQ caps from Nathan’s 2006 movie White Noise 2: The Light into the gallery for you all, The DVD exter’s will be coming very soon, enjoy.

White Noise 2: The Light > Screen Caps

Hello all and welcome to the grand opening of your new online resource for everything Nathan Fillion. Nathan his bin about for year’s and you may know him from one of his many roll’s like One Life to Live, Firefly and its Movie version Serenity and the new show Castle.

The site still has a lot of work that need’s to be done to it but the main site and the gallery with over 7’000 photos is up and runing so enjoy. The layout and coding was made by Sunflower Girl Designs and did she not do a great job on it.

The site is looking for some Elite/Top and Reg Affiliates, you can Apply Here, only site’s that have something to do with Nathan for Elite’s please.

Nathan has added in a new Behind the Scenes photo from Serenity to his official Twitter.

Twitter> New Photo

With meny thanks to Meet Aaron i have added in four new shoots that Nathan has done over the year’s to the gallery.

Photoshoot > Set 014
Photoshoot > Set 015
Photoshoot > Set 016
Photoshoot > Set 017

I have added in over 600 MQ screen caps from Castle 1×03 – Hedge Fund Homeboys to the gallery.

Castle 1×03 – Hedge Fund Homeboys Screen Caps

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