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TV Series
Year Title Character Information
2018 The Rookie John Nolan Read More
2017 A Series of Unfortunate Events Jacques Snicket Read More
2017 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Mark Devereaux Read More
2017 Rick and Morty Cornvelious Daniel (voice) Read More
2017 Santa Clarita Diet Gary West Read More
2016 – 2017 Modern Family  Rainer Shine Read More
2016 Talking Dead  Himself Read More
2015 Drunk History  Wernher Von Braun Read More
2015 Kroll Show  Mountie McMinniman Read More
2015 The Big Bang Theory  Himself Read More
2014 – 2016 Gravity Falls  Preston Northwest (voice) Read More
2014 Community
(1 episode)
Read More
2013 Writers Guild of America Awards 2012 Host Joel Larson / Joe Kidney / American Businessman Klaus (voices)  Read More
2012 American Dad!
(2 episodes)
Green Lantern (voice) Direct-to-video  Read More
2012 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special
Green Lantern / Mr. Freeze (voice) Read More
2010 The Venture Bros
(Episode: “Bright Lights, Dean City”)
Brown Widow (voice)  Read More
2009 Castle Richard Castle Read More
2008/2007 Desperate Housewives
(11 episodes)
Adam Mayfair  Read More
2007 One Life to Live
(2 episodes)
 Joey Buchanan  Read More
2007 Drive Alex Tulley  Read More
2007 Robot Chicken
(Episode Losin’ the Wobble)
Flash / Roger Brown / Worker Read More
2006 Lost
(Episode “I Do”)
Kevin  Read More
2003 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(5 episodes)
Caleb  Read More
2003/2002 Firefly Captain Malcolm Reynolds Read More
2003 Miss Match
(6 episodes)
 Read More
2002 Pasadena
(3 episodes)
Rev Glenn Collins  Read More
2001 King of the Hill
(1 episode)
Frisbee Guy  Read More
2001 Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place Johnny Donnelly  Read More
1999 The Outer Limits
(1 episode)
Michael Ryan  Read More
1998 Maggie Winters
(1 episode)
Ronald  Read More
Total Security
(1 episode)
Troy Larson  Read More
1996 Spin City Guy  Read More
1997 – 1994 One Life to Live
(2 episodes)
Joey Buchanan  Read More

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