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Fast Facts
  • Wanted to be a high school Drama teacher. In college he majored in art, and minored in drama while pursuing an acting career on the side.
  • Originally auditioned for the role of “Angel” for Joss Whedon’s first television series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997). However, never met Joss Whedon until he auditioned for Mal in Firefly.
  • When he won best actor at the 2006 SyFy Genre Awards for his portrayal of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in “Firefly” (2002), the show had been off the air for around 3 years.
  • Parents are Cookie and Bob Fillion, both of whom are retired English teachers.
  • Has an older brother, Jeff.
  • Attended Concordia University College of Alberta and the University of Alberta.
  • One of four actors from Firefly (2002) who voiced superheroes on Justice League Unlimited (2001). He voiced the western themed Vigilante while Adam Baldwin voiced Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern, Gina Torres voiced Vixen, and Morena Baccarin voiced Black Canary.
  • Claims to be descended from Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early. When told this, Joss Whedon created a bounty hunter by the name of Jubal Early for the Firefly episode “Objects in Space.”.
  • Auditioned for the role of Michael in Dawn of the Dead (2004).

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