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Let’s all wish our dearest Nathan Fillion a big happy birthday for his 51st today! Make sure to send them his way on his official social media platforms (with the verified blue check mark).

Hi everyone! Here’s the awaited information on the Nathan Fillion stickers!! After gathering some input from the community, the most popular designs included: #B: Castle and Beckett #O: Firefly – Malcolm Reynolds #F: Hear no evil #N: Big Smiles With #V and #J from The Rookie following up in second places, #Q (Bond look) in third. To refresh your memory, here

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following Nathan Fillion Online on twitter, then you’d probably already know that we’re potentially making Nathan Fillion stickers! Before producing and shortlisting the designs (we currently have 27!), I’d like to gauge the community interest on which designs are popular favourites and which ones can be cut. If you’d take a few minutes to fill

As you might have noticed, the site and gallery has been releasing constant updates with The Rookie! Nathan has been hard at work promoting the show and I’ve decided to use the new portraits from the TCAs and SDCC earlier this year to revamp NFO. The new look at Nathan Fillion Online is version 10(!), you can check out previous

Are you a frequent visitor of Nathan Fillion Online? As you might know, NFO has been online for about 8.5 years providing updates and high quality photos of Nathan to fans. Throughout the years, the expenses of maintaining and building the website can get expensive with the annual domain renewals, potentially changing to a paid host (in the works as it will be more

Welcome to Nathan Fillion Online’s new layout, version 9.0! The previous layout was up since the beginning of 2017 and I figured it was time for a new change (already) as the new updates was a tad difficult to follow along. With this new layout, thanks to Cristina – it’s a lot more simplified. You can find all the important information

Hi everyone, since NFO has been online for 8years, I’ve decided it was time to also extend our fanpage to facebook! I’ve created a facebook page for Nathan Fillion Online and would appreciate if you could go and give it a ‘like’. I’ll also be sharing all our updates from the website onto the Facebook page so you’ll have another

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