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Hi Everyone, my name is Sandi and I’ve just took over the site from Chanel. Thank you to the lovely owners who previous managed and ran Nathan Fillion Online, I’m very excited to help contribute to the site since I’ve been a huge fan of Nathan for a while. With that being said, I’ve changed the layout of the site

Right as you could all have seen, something was worng with the site and that was stoping me from loging in and all that so I tonigth I had a go at fixing wordpress and the site is now back up and running right. So updates will be added in tomorrow that i missed this week. But if you do

Hey all just a very quick update to say that i’m going away tomorrow to London till Wednesday. And in that time I will not have the net, So please if you would like to email me and things like that keep it till after the 2sd oct. But Hayley will be taking over doing Castle this coming week so

Natahn Fillion Online now has a Instagram account. If you have an Instagtram, be sure to follow us at nathanfilliononline. We can also be found on twitter at @NFillionOnline.

Yes people I am now back from the dead after 3 months for nothing on here I’M BACK. And to start it all going about I got round to capping all of Castle season Three DVD Bonus Features and they are Murder They Wrote, Castle Goes Hollywood, Bloopers & Outtakes, Deleted Scene – Honorary Badge and Deleted Scene – Out

Hey all, just a little note to say I’m going away tomorrow to London till sunday night. In this time I will Not have the Internet so no updates and no sending me emails till i get back. All the Castle updates i have missed will be added in on monday.

Right people first so so so sorry for the lack of updates on the site over the last month things for me have just bin all over the place, But over the coming days i will add in all the missing Castle updates and get the site back up and runing again so keep a look out.

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