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ABC’s Castle took one big step closer toward an eighth season and another step back. On the plus side, star Nathan Fillion — rumored to be ready to move on from the series — has signed a new deal to return to the veteran procedural, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. On the negative side, showrunner David Amann will not be returning to the series he has overseen for

SNL is always so good at creating eerily realistic fake advertisements for products that will never, ever exist unless humanity truly goes insane, and the show’s Depend Legends sketch is no exception. There is no way anyone is every going to want to own adult diapers that have images of famous figures from history and popular culture printed on them, but

With The Walking Dead shattering ratings left and right, it should come as no surprise that geek god Nathan Fillion counts himself among the fans of AMC’s hit zombie drama. That’s why the Fireflyand Dr. Horrible alum penned a love letter for EW: If you are looking for a recap of the last episode, you are going to be disappointed. There are no tidbits or insights

Do you have any scoop on Castle‘s 150th episode? Anything special fans can look forward to? –Sandra UPDATED! This just in, fresh from showrunner David Amann: “Obviously, the 150th episode is a milestone for the show but it also directly precedes the season finale. At this point, we intend Episode 22 to be a buoyant, classic episode of Castle, while [the finale] will

Now that they’ve smashed a couple of crowdfunding records, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk say they will most likely expand their “Con Man” plans — think spaceships, comic books and maybe even William Shatner (if he’s available, of course). The former stars of the TV series “Firefly” turned to crowdfunding last week to raise money for “Con Man,” a Web

Season 6 SurprisesHarmon promised the return of some Community fan favorites, including a new paintball episode, and also revealed that the sixth season will feature a stable of notable guest stars, including Nathan Fillion and Jason Mantzoukas. Although he teased other surprise appearances, he wouldn’t give much away. He did note that there was a surprise in the tag after the first episode that was

As you said, there’s a lot happening in this episode, with the comic book store reopening and looking cool, Sheldon and Amy secretly testing the intelligence of Leonard and Penny, and Raj and Leonard having a really fun run-in with guest star Nathan Fillion. How did that come about? I had run into him at Comic-Con last year, and I’m a

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