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As he has made clear in the past, actor Nathan Fillion was quite interested in the part of main protagonist Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film. However, the film’s director David O. Russell has given the part to Mark Wahlberg – and Nathan Fillion supports it. “You can’t fault a man for A. working with someone he’s worked with

LOS ANGELES (Back Stage) – Nathan Fillion expertly walks the fine line between obnoxious and charming, on screen that is. He has flawlessly embodied confident characters you love despite (or maybe because of) their brash confidence. Think “Firefly” leader Malcolm Reynolds, “Dr. Horrible” hero Captain Hammer, or his current incarnation as self-assured mystery writer Richard Castle on ABC’s hit “Castle.

Firefly, the Joss Whedon-created sci-fi Western that came and went in 2002, is back on the Science Channel, its two-hour premiere on Sunday night reminding us how good the show was, and why it was pretty much doomed from the start. Nathan Fillion headed up a cast of ragtag characters, a group morally compromised in varying degrees, united in trying

Nerds and geeks love him, but Nathan Fillion knows he isn’t quite the star he needs to be to pull off a big action movie. Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion really wanted the part of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie. What’s more, it’s a part his fans really wanted him to get. Alas, it was not to be,

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