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Your character in the film, Johnny Worthington, he’s the top Scare student at Monsters University and president of the most auspicious fraternity on campus…. Nathan Fillion: Yeah, I play Johnny Worthington, the president of the most popular fraternity on the Monsters University campus, Roar Omega Roar (R?R). Johnny comes from a long line of MU Scarers and respects the school’s

Actor Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) is describing the spread at Joss Whedon’s legendary “Shakespeare brunches,” semi-regular LA affairs where Whedon convenes his friends—actors and non-actors, writers and directors—to eat and drink and read aloud their way through Shakespeare’s plays. “We would simply sip mimosas and have a lot of laughs,” Fillion recounted in a phone interview. “And Joss kept saying,

“What he [Fillion] pulls of in this is really remarkable because if you read it on paper you wouldn’t see that it seems like ‘conversational clarity’ the way that he makes it clear and funny,” Clark said. Fillion added, “I haven’t been challenged like this in a long time.” To prepare for his role as Leonato in Much Ado About

Nathan Fillion is enjoying the best of two worlds. He’s the engaging and sexy star of Castle, the hit ABC series about a crime novelist who helps the NYPD solve its toughest cases. And he’s a cult legend, thanks to his starring role in the 2002 TV series Firefly, which died a quick death but, thanks to fan pressure, was

Nathan Fillion, star of ABC’s Castle, has a way of popping up in unexpected places, from Saving Private Ryan (as the wrong Ryan) to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as a defrocked priest and serial killer), King of the Hill (as a Frisbee guy), Lost (as Kate’s ex-husband), Desperate Housewives (as Katherine Mayfair’s ex-husband) and a Marine sergeant in Xbox 360’s

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