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The Rookie Season 6 ended on a high note, and Season 7 will have several stories to explore. ABC renewed the show for a new season while the sixth was airing, guaranteeing more of Mid Wilshire in the 2024/2025 TV season. The caveat is that fans must wait until mid-season to watch new episodes. Even if the show won’t air until 2025, production is not slowing down. Showrunner Alexi Hawley revealed to TV Line that production for Season 7 is set to begin early next month, saying, “Early June, we get right back into it.”

This is a great update because it confirms what Eric Winter told Hello Magazine about Season 7. “There would be too many gaps, and the fans don’t love that. So they’re really trying to put us in a lineup where we can give eight episodes in a row with no interruption, and so I appreciate it for that reason,” he said while talking about the delayed season. With production kicking off this early, the show will have enough episodes completed to guarantee an uninterrupted season.

‘The Rookie’ Season 7 Will Be Bigger Than Previous Seasons

Just by the sheer number of major villains Season 7 must deal with, it will have a lot cut for it. Hawley talked to TV Insider about what fans can expect in the upcoming season regarding the villains and personal arcs for the characters. He teased Jason as the biggest threat to the show because he means harm to Bailey, saying, “I think Jason’s probably the most immediate problem. I can’t necessarily comment on Oscar and Monica yet, but I think obviously Jason is the one with the most specific, the most harmful intent towards anybody on our show at the moment.”

The season will have more undercover stories because Nyla is a seasoned undercover detective who has been greatly underutilized this season. Lucy has also grown to become a great undercover asset. Hawley talked about exploring these characters, saying “Mekia does such great work with that and obviously undercover’s a thing on our show, Lucy is into it. So yeah, we’re definitely going to go down that road in Season 7.”

But what about the Harper-Lopez duo that fans have come to love? Hawley teased more of that, saying,

“I can do anything with them. That’s the joy with this cast and especially them is they have such a depth, they can play funny, they can play emotional, they can play stakes, they can kick a door. All that stuff is a possibility, but yet they’re very different people and they’re very different characters.”

Hawley knows that they “have some big shoes to fill after season six” and teases “an episode every week that just really keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

The Rookie returns in 2025. Catch up now on Hulu in the US.


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