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Nathan Fillion startled fans on Friday with a glimpse at the next season of The Rookie and to say they’re excited would be an understatement.

The actor updated his social media followers with an Instagram post in which he reminded his followers of the air date for season four – and it’s so soon!

Nathan posted an exciting clip of the LAPD TV show and said it’s making its return on 26 September. Fans were thrilled by the news and amazed it’s almost here.

“Can’t wait. One of the few shows I really look forward too,” wrote one, while another added: “CAN. NOT. WAIT,” and a third said: “Yay, finally.”

Many were stunned that they’ll only have to wait three more weeks and Nathan was inundated with followers telling him how much they loved his character, John Nolan.

It wasn’t so long ago that Nathan had fans worried for the future of his on-set persona when he shared a photo of his uniform and the label on it read: “Nolan, to be fireproofed”. 

“My wardrobe for this episode,” he explained. “Quick question: Is ‘To be fireproofed’ the same thing as ‘Not yet fireproof’? And also, WHY DO I NEED TO BE FIREPROOF? #therookie #lastheeverposted.”

Fans leaped in to comment and exclaimed: “No no that face is too pretty to be anywhere near fire,” while another said: “Yikes! I’d be very worried”.

Many more asked what was going to happen to Nathan’s character and there were strings of shocked face emojis.

The Rookie returns on 26 September 

The Rookie season three ended on a cliffhanger finale which saw Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Wesley Evers’ (Shawn Ashmore) wedding plans interrupted. Pregnant bride-to-be Angela went missing shortly after arch-enemy La Fiera (Camille Guaty) made her escape from prison.

The police drama will return to screens at 10pm ET/PT on Sunday 26 September on ABC.


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