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The Suicide Squad’s Nathan Fillion talked about creating a new DC character with James Gunn. It’s no secret that the director enjoyed an increased level of control on his first film with the Warner Bros. franchise. In a conversation with’s Brandon Davis, the actor explained how he and Gunn collaborated on TDK. The Detachable Kid is one of two original characters making a debut in The Suicide Squad. (The other is Ratcatcher 2!) Fillion joked, “My participation in the invention of the character kind of went like this. James saying, ‘Here’s how it’s going to go.’ And me saying, ‘That sounds good.’ That’s what I call dissipation.” Well, that’s very modest, but fans have reason to be excited about this movie and all the DC Comics hijinks that the director managed to stuff in there. When going into more depth, the star talked about how TDK fit into the larger story.

“I take a lot of credit. It’s all about the function of the character in the story,” Fillion said. “What is his function in the story? And TDK’s abilities, for me, clearly spelled out his function and I got it. I know exactly what you need. I know what you’re looking for. I know what you want. Boom. Let’s do this. I get it.”

During a press event that attended, Gunn talked about his selection process for the movie.

“It’s fun watching people die on screen sometimes. It was really pretty organic,” Gun began. “I mean, I had to choose what characters I was going to use from DC. And I had a huge trove of characters to choose from. Some characters I knew were going to die from the beginning and then other characters I didn’t know for sure were going to die. Obviously, I chose some characters that I knew were going to die, see that as the movie plays out. And then some of the characters surprised me. Some of the characters lived that I didn’t know were for sure going to live…..In a way it’s weird because I love these characters. And in another way, it’s weird because I am Amanda Waller. I’m pushing that button on those characters because it serves our purposes as an audience to see them go.”

He added, ”Some of the characters, especially as you go further into the movie and some of the deaths later in the film still break my heart every time I watch. There’s two characters in particular that when they die, I still get teary-eyed every time I watch the movie, even when I’m watching those scenes edited, when I was going through them. It still really kills me.”

Watch the conversation over at here!

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