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Nathan Fillion’s The Suicide Squad character TDK gets his own limited edition Funko figure, and it features a removed arm. James Gunn’s revamped take on the Suicide Squad is full of eccentric characters from deep within the pages of DC Comics. Some of the members of the new Task Force X are familiar faces, like Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). Much of The Suicide Squad‘s cast is comprised of newcomers to the DCEU, though, and they vary from the dangerous (like Idris Elba’s Bloodsport) to the strange (David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man).

Near the latter end of that spectrum is Fillion’s TDK. When Fillion was confirmed to be playing someone named TDK in The Suicide Squad, fans were confused. There’s no such character by that name in the comics, and Gunn didn’t elaborate on what the letters could stand for. However, trailers for The Suicide Squad later revealed Fillion to have removable arms, which falls in line with the powers of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. There was a lot of speculation that the Firefly actor would be playing the oddly-named character, and now all signs point to such.

Earlier this month, several Suicide Squad characters received their own Funko Pop figures for fans to collect. Now TDK joins their lineup, and his design is quite fitting for his skillset. Funko unveiled the TDK figure on Tuesday, and he’s shown with his right arm removed from his body, ready to be used as a weapon. His costume matches the one Fillion wears in The Suicide Squad‘s trailers. Check it out below.

In any other comic book movie, someone like TDK would feel utterly out of place. After all, his powers aren’t exactly common for a superhero, or even a supervillain. Luckily, Gunn has assembled a Suicide Squad filled with oddballs, all but promising that this movie will be unlike any other superhero movie in recent memory. It’ll be interesting to see what TDK is capable of when thrust into battle.

He also has to survive long enough to prove his worth. Gunn has teased a high body count for The Suicide Squad, and no one is safe. The trailers and images released for the film have hinted there are two main teams within Task Force X, and one has received noticeably more attention than the other. Fillion’s TDK is included in the secondary group, and some have theorized that’s the squad that gets killed off early on. Of course, this is all speculation. No one knows just yet who will be dying in The Suicide Squad save for those who made the movie. At this point, it’s best to just wait and see what the DCEU adventure has in store.

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