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Hi everyone! If you’ve been following Nathan Fillion Online on twitter, then you’d probably already know that we’re potentially making Nathan Fillion stickers! Before producing and shortlisting the designs (we currently have 27!), I’d like to gauge the community interest on which designs are popular favourites and which ones can be cut. If you’d take a few minutes to fill out this survey with your valuable feedback, it would be much appreciated!

We’re aiming to have enough data this month to start production and ordering the stickers in February. We’ll also be hosting a giveaway on our twitter and Facebook page to give away a set of all the designs! (Potentially 5 – 10 designs, unless there’s overwhelming interest).

Please feel free to share with your friends and family who you think would also be interested! Stay tuned to the site and our twitter, Facebook for updates. 🙂

Click on the photo below to view all 27 designs available.

Click here to the survey (if the below form doesn’t work) –

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