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A fan film based on that swashbuckling, tomb-raiding franchise was released online on Monday, starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake, and directed by Allan Ungar, a filmmaker from Toronto.

Ungar, like many, he loved the franchise from when he was in school, and thought that Fillion belonged in the role. He started working on his own films, and after deriving some inspiration from previous video-game fan films also made by professionals that made splashes — Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Rebirth in 2010, Joseph Kahn’s Power/Rangers in 2015 — Ungar approached the veteran TV star and there was mutual interest. The film was shot in May in California.

Both Ungar and Fillion stress that this is an unauthorized creation for fans, with no input or permission from Uncharted game developer Naughty Dog and its parent company, Sony.

Did he want to make this film because he thought the role might pass him by?

“That’s a fair question, You know, strictly speaking in a business sense, it would be difficult for me to throw my hat in the ring with big movie stars. It you are taking about a major motion picture, international blockbuster, yeah, it would be a tougher sell for me,” says Fillion. “As far as the role passing me by, it didn’t. I got it. Thanks to Allan.”

Thanks to its adventure story and comedic dialogue, Uncharted has always been thought of as being ripe for a film adaptation, but has been stuck in development for years. Most recently, Spider-Man star Tom Holland has been attached to play a younger Drake, but there hasn’t been much movement or news in while.

What’s more, while this fan film is already being well received online, the precedent is that for the most part, good videogames become bad films. Asked for what that happens, Ungar replies: “How long have you got?”

Nathan Fillion stars as Nathan Drake in a live action Uncharted fan film that its creators hope leads to something more.

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