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Nathan Fillion’s stints as Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly and Serenity and Richard Castle on Castle are certainly impressive. But Fillion has also recently become something of a guest star connoisseur, appearing in shows and films as varied as Brooklyn Nine Nine, Rick and Morty, and Cars 3 during this past year alone. Combine all that with his performance as Captain Hammer in the ultra-popular web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and you’ve got an acetor who’s pretty much done and seen it all. Fortunately, Fillion took the time to discuss all of those roles and more at Fan Expo on Saturday.

Of course, Fillion decided to talk about Firefly right off the bat. When asked to choose a film or TV character to temporarily embody, Ready Player One style, Fillion selected Firefly’s Inara and joked that he would try to “pretty up” the role a little bit. He also said he’d be interested in turning into either Ralph Hinkley from The Greatest American Hero or Major Frank Burns from M*A*S*H.

Fillion even brought up Firefly in the middle of a Castle discussion. “The world as we know it has dried up and burnt out”, explaining his vision for Castle’s hypothetical ninth season. “Castle buys a “crappy old boat, and then “puts a ragtag crew together…the best of both worlds.”

He got a little more serious when answering a question about exploring the different facets of Castle’s psyche. Fillion admitted that he would have liked to delve into Castle’s “dark side” a little more, citing the series’ fifth season in which Castle had to try to retrieve his daughter from the clutches of an ex-KGB officer.

He went on to talk about what it’s like playing a character as flawed and, at times, unlikeable as Castle. Fillion rightly calls Castle out for being “a bit of a dick” and admits “I wouldn’t hang out with him.” But Fillion also recognizes the value of getting to play a character who’s complicated and imperfect. “I enjoy knowing better than Castle,” he explained.

Fillion also discussed, albeit briefly, his upcoming role in the television adaptation of Daniel Handler’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Fillion said very little about the role other than the fact that it’s “really unfortunate.” However, a couple sources have reported that Fillion could be playing Lemony Snicket’s (Patrick Warburton) older brother, Jacques Snicket.

He used the Unfortunate Events discussion as an opportunity to praise the dedication and work ethic of his former Dr. Horrible co-star, Neil Patrick Harris (who apparently got a real tattoo to prepare for his role as the nefarious Count Olaf). And speaking of Dr. Horrible, Fillion also revealed that his favourite Captain Hammer line is actually from the Dr. Horrible spinoff comic series as opposed to the original web series; after Dr. Horrible almost runs into Captain Hammer head first, Captain Hammer apparently says “Woah there, careful! What if I had been a knife?”

And never fear, Rick and Morty fans, Fillion made sure to mention his role as Galactic Federation agent Cornvelious Daniel in the show’s Season 3 opener. He recounted what it was like working with Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland, explaining that he tried to “mirror” Roiland exactly when tasked with “doing” a Rick voice.

Unfortunately, Fillion hasn’t tried Schezwuan sauce yet. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s missing.


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