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Welcome to Nathan Fillion Online’s new layout, version 9.0! The previous layout was up since the beginning of 2017 and I figured it was time for a new change (already) as the new updates was a tad difficult to follow along. With this new layout, thanks to Cristina – it’s a lot more simplified. You can find all the important information on the home page as well as Nathan’s current projects, upcoming conventions, his official links and more! 

Please take a look around the site and see the new changes. The only incomplete section is the list of conventions and the list of talk shows Nathan has attended throughout the years (under career). I had trouble finding the information, thus if anyone has a list or knows where the information is available… please contact us on our social media platforms or email!

The gallery is also sporting a matching theme as the main website, so head over and take a look there as well! I hope you all like the new layouts and all feedback is welcomed!


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