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Another year has come to end. 2016 was great for so many reasons, first of all Nathan has starred in a few shows, which were fantastic (More Con Man!, Modern Family, etc)! We truly hope the very best for this upcoming year for Nathan, which we are sure it’s going to be another GREAT year.

As for the rest, this year was great for us as well. We were fairly consistent with the previous years, and will continue doing our very best to deliver accurate and fast news, as well as high quality content, photos, videos and so on. Hopefully we can aim to jump the stats back up to how they were in the past few years, which were outstanding. Be sure to spread the word to your friends, family and fellow Nathan fans on Nathan Fillion Online as it would be greatly appreciated.

Also I can’t definitely thank you all enough for this! We truly and honestly wish you the best for your future. And of course, we hope that you will reserve a little place for us in your hearts as well, cause after all we are fans just like you!

PS: We have a new layout in store, will launch it shortly. Stay tuned! 😉

With so much love,
Nathan Fillion Online

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