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ICYMI: Here is the season 2 premiere for Con Man. Enjoy!

The Alan Tudyk-created web comedy Con Man may largely focus itself with entertainment business frustrations and failure — in particular, the ongoing fallout from the cancellation of a Firefly-esque sci-fi show called Spectrum, whose cast included characters played by Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. But Con Man itself seems to be going from strength to strength. Last year, Tudyk and Fillion, who of course both starred in the actual, Joss Whedon-created Firefly, raised $3.1 million via Indiegogo to finance Con Man and the show’s second season premieres tomorrow, Dec. 8, on Comic-Con HQ, the premium digital network from Lionsgate and Comic-Con International.

Season 2 guests include Felicia Day, Casper Van Dien, Lou Ferrigno, Alison Haislip, Jon Huertas, Stan Lee, Nolan North, Stephen Root, Mindy Sterling, Laura Vandervoort, and Eliza Dushku, who plays a casting director. “She is in charge of casting the TV show that is the main objective of [my character] for the season,” Tudyk told EW earlier this year. “His desire is to get a role on this TV show called Doctor Cop Lawyer, which is a show about a guy who is a doctor, a cop, and a lawyer, simultaneously. She’s a passive-aggressive casting director. She’s your best friend until just the slightest bit of trouble, and then she’ll hurl you right under a bus.”

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