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Firefly alums Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk us all with their series Con Man, so what’s the logical next step after creating a crazy popular show about comic conventions? A game about them, obviously!

In a trailer released on Entertainment Weekly, animated versions of Fillion and Tudyk explain why you need Con Man: The Game. Most of us have been to some sort of convention, and I’m sure at one point or another we’ve all had at least a fleeting thought about starting one very own celebrating our particular brand of geekdom.

Well, forget collecting funds, creating Kickstarters, and figuring out how to get celebrities to stop by, because with Con Man: The Game, you get to create the convention of your dreams. Your goal is to put on the best con you possibly can, so in addition to making it amazing, you also need to remember the little things that make a HUGE difference; things like emptying the garbage cans (seriously, if you’ve been to a convention, you know how gross those can get) before ENORMOUS RATS invade the event, making sure you’ve got plenty of bathrooms for con-goers, and keeping the food tasty and fresh (nobody wants to get food poisoning while they’re in full-armored cosply, y’all).

Oh, and you also have to use some of your specially-skilled superfans to help fight off occasional alien incursions. You know, normal convention stuff.

In addition to Fillion and Tudyk, the game also features some of our faves like Felicia Day and Joss Whedon, among others.

The best part? Con Man: The Game is available on iTunes or Google Play for free. Who knew making a comic convention could be so easy, right?

Have you downloaded the game? What are you most excited about trying? Tell us all about your dream convention in the comments!


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