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Things are getting pretty meta for Alan Tudyk and his Con Man cast. Tudyk has worked on a number of shows that led him to make the convention rounds (Firefly for one, which also stars Nathan Fillion) and now he’s working on Con Man, a web series inspired by those ‘Con experiences. No surprise: He’s making the convention rounds for that too.

Tudyk says there wasn’t an experience from Comic-Con, specifically, that made it into the series, but there’s definitely references to San Diego’s pop-culture behemoth. “There’s going to be a Comic-Con-type Con that’s going to be a fake Comic-Con, called the Shock-a-Con that is the holy grail of cons that Wray wants to get invited to, but he’s never been invited,” Tudyk, clearly a lover of puns, says of his character. 

He adds: “It’s the hope that he can finally make it to the Shock-a-Con, the myth and all the things you get while you’re there and what it’s like and it’s a great con and that’s going to be inspired by Comic-Con.”

While Tudyk’s experiences at Comic-Con might not have directly made it into the web series, a certain Comic-Con favorite did. As evidenced by the trailer — which screened during the panel, and is available for viewing during — Joss Whedon will be on the web series (the Firefly reunion continues!). “He’s part of the family,” Haarsma says of the Avengers’ director and Firefly creator. As far as his part in the web series: “It’s a sweet, little cameo. It’s very funny.”

Haarsma also joked of Whedon’s time on set: “It was so funny with Alan directing and Joss was on there it was just like, ‘Any comments? Anybody here know how to direct?’ It was a funny moment.”

Watch the video on EW’s website – here

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