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Documentary exploring what shapes identity and how self-perception drives our life experiences. #LetsFaceIt

About this project


How often do you confront what really stares back at us in the mirror? In a world over-saturated with notions that our identity is shaped by what we see… Is it fair to say our image is absorbing our identity? Join our movement using:  #Letsfaceit

We explore what shapes our identity and how our self-perception drives our experiences in life. Are we living an authentic life?


This project started by inviting a diverse group of people to experiment with a FBI face recognition software and create self portraits. We observed the process alongside established scientists reflecting on the data and drawing conclusions about our human self-perception.

Use #LetsFaceIt to be a part of the discussion. Your engagement will help us finish this documentary logistically as well as creatively…

If you’d like to help out Faces Documentary, check out their official kickstarter page here!

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