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source: SDCC unofficial blog

Although Con Man had already confirmed panels at both San Diego Comic-Con and Nerd HQ, thanks to producer PJ Haarsma, we now have some more details about not only what the Con Man SDCC schedule is going to look like, but a better idea about the convention as a whole.

spectrum Con Man Alan Tudyk Nathan FillionIn a “Hang w/” chat earlier this evening for backers of the Indiegogo campaign, Haarsma mentioned the days and times for both panels:

Question: More about Comic-Con and Nerd HQ please?

Haarsma: Okay, panel is Thursday the 9th, I think it’s at 3:45. It’s right between Doctor Who and Marvel, and then we’ll be doing press in the morning, and then after hopefully there will be a party somewhere and we’ll announce it, and then Friday Alan’s going to be hosting Nerd HQ and we’ll be doing a Con Man panel at Nerd HQ and then partying there Friday night.

Although we think Haarsma probably has a firm grip on Con Man‘s SDCC schedule, the rest should be taken with a grain of salt.

Holding a panel “between Doctor Who and Marvel” (if accurate) could mean a number of things. Doctor Who has typically held Sunday Hall H panels, so moving it to a Thursday could mean a downgrade to Ballroom 20 — or it could mean Who is sticking in Hall H, and simply getting a new day. Given James Gunn’s comments that Marvel Studios is skipping the convention this year, we’re more inclined to believe a Ballroom 20 scenario, with the Marvel panel in question likely being some combination of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent CarterCon Man could also be in a smaller room, and the panels could be comics-related instead. And of course, there’s also room for Haarsma simply being misinformed about the panels surrounding Con Man at the convention center. There’s a lot of room for speculation here – but it’s interesting news none-the-less.

Also, with news of Tudyk hosting Nerd HQ on Friday — could Zachary Levi be busy across the street promoting Heroes Reborn that day?

We are also interested in hearing more about this Con Man party that Haarsma briefly mentioned in his chat, at a yet to-be-determined location in San Diego.

Filming at various conventions this June, Con Man is still locking down locations and coordinating the actors’ schedules. Haarsma mentions that they are still looking for convenient June conventions to film at, but the series will be shooting at Dallas Comic-Con with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, as well as filming without those two main actors at Phoenix Comic-Con and MomoCon on the last weekend in May, and the LA Cosplay Con on June 13.

You can learn more about Con Man on their Indiegogo pageTwitter, and Facebook page.

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