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Michelle Monaghan reenacts a woman reacting to Marilyn Monroe‘s death in photographer Tyler Shields‘ new photo exhibit called “Historical Fiction.”

The exhibit is open to the public until June 26th at The Andrew Weiss Gallery (2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404). The prints are selling for hefty price tags – between $17,500 and $30,000! 

Other stars in the photo exhibit (and included in the gallery below): Nathan FillionAbigail BreslinJennifer MorrisonHolland Roden, and Rose McIver.

Click inside for more photos from the exhibit and our exclusive interview between Michelle and Nathan …

Michelle Monaghan Interviews Nathan Fillion – Exclusive

Michelle Monaghan: You and I collaborated with Tyler Shields on his latest photographic exhibition titled, Historical Fiction. I imagine you had as much fun as I did….

Nathan Fillion: You imagine correctly, Michelle.

MM: What was it about this particular project that made you want to be a part of it?

NF: I admit I jumped at any chance to work with Tyler. It was more about him than the project. I’ve known him for a while, and wanted to do some piece with him, any piece. Then this came up and it was perfect!

MM: What was your “headline” and what did it mean to you personally?

NF: MEN WALK ON THE MOON. To me, this speaks of a time when America wasn’t just about the almighty buck. The Russians had put up Sputnik, and the U.S. would not be outdone. I admire that about the American spirit. There’s only one spot in history for the first ever of anything.

MM: Tyler is adamant that his set design, props, wardrobe, hair
and makeup are all authentic to the time period he is shooting. Can you
share a little about your experience with that?

NF: When you slick back your hair, you get a really good idea of just how melon-like your head actually is.

MM: You look pretty dapper as a man from the 60?s. Have you ever played a character from that era?

NF: No, but my friend was on Mad Men… so, there’s that.

MM: The video you shot in conjunction with the photo is priceless. Can you set up the story for us?

NF: A secret tryst in the galley causes some “bumpy air” for the passengers. Which, if your trysts are ever described as “bumpy air”, you’re doing it wrong.

MM: Well then, I guess I have to ask – not that I expect an answer – have you joined the “mile-high club” or only in the Historical Fiction sense?

NF: I am not a member, but I read there’s a plane you can charter for just that reason. So, maybe the next time you see me I’ll have my card. Is that a punch card thing? Can I use air miles?

MM: Thanks for your time my friend! (kiss)

NF: Thank you. See you Sunday. Get your game face on!

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