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SNL is always so good at creating eerily realistic fake advertisements for products that will never, ever exist unless humanity truly goes insane, and the show’s Depend Legends sketch is no exception. There is no way anyone is every going to want to own adult diapers that have images of famous figures from history and popular culture printed on them, but this ad makes that reality feel a little too real.

The sketch begins with an elderly man refusing to wear his adult diaper. Thankfully, his daughter (played by Vanessa Bayer) has a bright idea. She goes out and buys Depend Legends, which have images of everyone from Clark Gable to Mickey Mantle on them. Like a kid excited at the thought of Iron Man or Batman underwear, her father immediately puts on his Depend Legends diaper and everyone is happy.

Although the sketch has plenty of fun digging up some real old timey faces (like Jack Paar and Victor Borge), the best gag involves the newer stars of the syndication line of diapers, which include Nathan Fillion from Castle, all of the female D.A.s from Law and Order, and, of course, Tony Shalhoub from Monk. And yes, you’re encouraged to trade diapers with your friends so you can get your favorite characters.

This is actually going to be a thing when the pop culture obsessed youth of today grow old, isn’t it?


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