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Everybody’s favorite mystery novelist turned NYPD consultant just got an eyeful — or at least it appears that way. But is seeing always believing?

In this excusive preview clip of the upcoming Castle episode “I, Witness,” Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is an eyewitness to what appears to be a murder. In fact, he’s so close to the crime scene that he can practically touch the corpse — if it weren’t for an iron gate in his way. The scene shows Castle tailing his client’s possible murderer (that’d be her cheatin’ husband) before a trip into the woods goes very, very wrong.

Of course, crimes of passion can be tricky, so we’re not sure if Castle’s eyes are playing tricks on him or not, but we can guarantee that he’ll have a headache in the morning either way. 

Castle airs Monday, Feb. 2 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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