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Can’t a private investigator and his damsel-in-distress client get a little privacy? We’re sure that’s what Castle and Beckett are thinking in this exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s Castle (10/9c, ABC).

On the episode, both Beckett (Stana Katic) and newly minted P.I. Castle (Nathan Fillion) investigate the death of a telenovela actress, but quickly find the case to be as wild and crazy as the victim’s soapy show. Fortunately, in the first-look clip above, Castle asks Beckett to take a break from the investigation for a little fun sexy time of their own.

When Beckett visits Castle at his new office, the duo quickly falls into a bit of film noir role-play. “What’s your rush, doll? Why don’t you stick around, give those stems of yours a rest?” Castle says as the hard-boiled P.I.

“Could I? I’m all alone and this is my first time in the big, scary city,” Beckett replies without missing a beat. But just when things start to heat up — and clothes come off — the lovebirds get an unwelcome interruption.

Castle airs Monday at 10/9c on ABC.

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