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  • A bomb scare was called in a block away from the set in downtown LA
  • Scene involving several cars marked NYPD patrol cars was being filmed
  • But cast were shocked as real-life LAPD cars came racing down the street
  • Despite the chaos, the director asked for the cameras to keep rolling 
  • They were able to film the Homeland Security vehicles as they are used up and down the country  

Police cars burst onto the downtown LA set of crime-drama Castle on Friday night after a bomb scare was called just one block away. 

But in the midst of the dramatic emergency response, the director decided to keep the cameras rolling so he could capture real-life footage and use it in the show.    

The show’s stars Nathan Fillion – who plays Castle – Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, were shooting a new two-part episode just before midnight, when the threat was issued nearby.

According to an on-set source, a scene was being filmed at 4th and Spring that called for several police cars marked with NYPD logos to be standing by for the shot. 

The cameras were rolling when all of a sudden, without warning, a dozen real – life cop cars came racing down the street followed by several Homeland Security Vehicles. 

‘No one knew exactly what was happening,’ a Castle crew member told the exclusively. ‘We were filming our own police scenes – with cop cars marked NYPD – when suddenly, a parade of LAPD vehicles start racing through our blocked off area with sirens blaring.

‘The director’s first response was to stop filming because of all the noise and confusion,’ says the source. ‘But realizing this real drama would only add to the on -screen drama they were already going for, he shouted for the cameras to start rolling again!

‘Although they couldn’t film the actual police cars, because they were marked LAPD and the location was supposed to be New York City, they could shoot the Homeland security vehicles because they are the same throughout the country. And all the noise and excitement ended up fitting in perfectly with script.

‘A few minutes later we heard this huge blast that shock the windows in the surrounding buildings. It was the sound of the bomb squad blowing up the suspicious package,’ adds the source. ‘They never did tell us if it was a real bomb or not, but the noise was so defining we had to halt filming again.

‘A sort time later Nathan and Jon were about to start shooting a scene with some pretty tense dialogue, when here comes the LAPD emergency vehicles again, this time going in the opposite direction!

‘With all the delays, we ended up working until 2 AM.,’ says the source. ‘But we were also able to get some awesome, real life drama shots to go along with our scripted action. Stay tuned fans!’


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