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The screener for the first episode of 2015, which is 7×11 “Castle, P.I” has been released tonight which means it’s time to review and post up spoilers! If you want to remain spoiler free, then please do not continue reading… you have been warned!!!

Overall I really enjoyed and loved this episode. There were worries in the fandom about how the story will proceed since Castle is no longer working at the precinct with the crew but rest assured, it is just as good as usual, even better! I personally thought the episode was fun, light and absolute joy. It should be a favourite for Fillion, Stana, Castle AND Caskett-shipper fans, because I believe it combines an aspect for each of the above and shines in their own way. Some points to note:

  • The cute names between caskett
  • Nathan brings his A-game as a P.I – funny, playful and adorable! Great adaptation.
  • The crew (Ryan and Espo) bringing some banter for the fun competition between them and Castle on ‘who solves the case first’
  • Competitiveness between Castle and Beckett is on point, brings back the spice
  • There are quite a few cute caskett moments
  • The weekly case isn’t boring or dry
  • Perlmutter brings some laughs between him and Castle.
  • Gates is on fire!
  • Beckett is sassy in this episode 😉
  • Definitely a great start to a new year!

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