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As you might know, the screener for next week’s episode of Castle 7×07 Once Upon A Time In The West has been released and well I decided to write up a brief spoiler post about the screener in my opinion. If you want to remain spoiler free, I’d recommend you to skip ahead and not read the post until you watch the episode. If you’d like to be spoiled, then feel free to read more!

The episode overall was light, fun and interesting. I really enjoyed it, and it was believable because as they mention in the case that there is no jurisdiction for them in Arizona. Aka Honeymoon and work at the same time. Hope it doesn’t spoil too much of the episode because I’d want everyone to enjoy it as well 🙂

  • Nathan does a fabulous job as Castle, bringing out his goofy and funny side in this episode. perfect cowboy role.
  • Caskett scenes are adorable between the two newly wed. Lots of ‘pet names’ thrown around like honey, husband, Mrs. Castle, Mr. Beckett, etc.
  • Reaction from Lanie/Espo/Ryan about the wedding is priceless and even from Gates too.
  • Would love to hear the song Ryan and Espo planned for Castle’s wedding, hopefully in the future.
  • Caskett reception to come, not sure whether will be shown in an episode or not.
  • Fun honeymoon vacation period, seeing more of Castle and Beckett interacting together and not just at work.
  • In my opinion, the episode sort of reminded me of the ‘Blue Butterfly’ episode with the different outfits of the time period, the chase for answers, etc. 
  • “It’s GOLD!!!!” … everyone loves gold. Even if you’re a famous and rich author.
  • Gates has more of an opinion than we would’ve thought! Respect and love it.
  • Lastly, thank god for the minimal interrogation scenes that usually take up half the episode. More of an adventure in my opinion.
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