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Last fans heard of Castle’s disappearance, Castle was being warned that he might not want the truth. And according to showrunner David Amann, the truth isn’t going to reveal itself anytime soon considering that Castle’s disappearance won’t be revisited in the next four episodes. However, Amann did promise that we’ll come into contact with it again in the near future. And when we do, fans don’t need to be worried about the truth messing with Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

“We don’t regard what happened to Castle as some kind of time bomb that’s going to go off and mess up their relationship or fundamentally change who he is as a character,” Amann said. “It’s just an aspect of mystery that he is irresistably going to be drawn back to at some future point this season.”

But until then, we got Amann to give us a rundown of what fans can expect from the show for the rest of 2014.

As fans saw in the promo for the forthcoming episode, Castle finds himself in an alternate world where he and Beckett have never met. From that description, it might sound like bad news for Castle and Beckett when in fact, it’s just the opposite. “Terri Miller kind of crafted a really great little episode that allowed us to go to a different world and have there be a reason for it, which is basically to spur Castle to advance his relationship with Beckett,” Amann said. And yes, he does promise that there will be a real-life wedding. “We feel already at the end of season six, there was the promise of a wedding that was undone by Castle’s disappearance and we did not want to do that again.” More importantly, Amann described the ceremony as “incredibly romantic.”

Episode 7: Once Upon A Time In The West”
Written by Terence Winter, who also wrote “Blue Butterfly,” in which Castle was a film noir P.I., this episode has a Western theme. Posing as newlyweds, Castle and Beckett go undercover at an Old West resort in order to solve a murder. That being said, Amann promised “a lot of Western fun,” including stagecoaches and the like. Generally, he said, “It’s an incredibly fun and charming episode and I think a good follow-up to episode six in that regard.”

Episode 8: “Kill Switch”
From themed episodes to thrilling ones, this hour will find Esposito on a subway train with a gunman. “Esposito and Ryan are looking for a guy who’s connected to a case that they’re investigating. They think he’s either a potential victim of a killer or somebody who might be a person of interest—they don’t regard him as a suspect,” Amann said. “Esposito follows him into a subway car and tries to talk to him, and this guy has an entirely different agenda and sees Esposito, sees the badge, and pulls a gun and it turns into a hostage situation on the subway where Esposito is trying to negotiate this guy down and resolve the situation and take care of the other people that are in the car.

“Meanwhile, our folks on the outside are trying to understand who this guy is because clearly he’s not who we thought he was initially and what are his motives and what’s it going to take to resolve the situation. So it’s a bit more of a thriller kind of episode. We like to throw those in from time to time. We feel like the show benefits from mixing up tones and it’s been able to sustain those kinds of episodes in the past and so it felt like a fun, suspenseful hour.”

However, fans shouldn’t worry too much about their beloved Esposito. “I think that he’s a very resourceful guy and I think that he will figure out a way to resolve the situation hopefully without any harm coming to anybody,” Amann said, adding, “Hopefully.”

Episode 9: “Last Action Hero”
Getting back to the lighter side of the show, Amann described episode nine as “the death of an Expendable. It’s the death of an aging action star.” And because Castle loves aging action stars, “it happens to also be a guy who’s a childhood hero of Castle’s, so he’s very invested in the case,” Amann said. “He was part of a movie that was being made that’s sort of an Expendables-type movie so we go to the set and we meet all these other guys who are these broken down old action heroes. So there’s a lot of fun to be had in the episode. We think that’s also going to be really delightful.”

Episode 10: “Bad Santa”
And finally, we’re back to the Castle mystery with this year’s Christmas episode. “We may have a bit of a game-changer in terms of what’s happening with Castle, so we’ll be doing, unlike past seasons, we’ll be doing a little bit of a cliffhanger coming off that episode as we come back in January,” Amann said. “So there’ll be something that happens toward the end of that episode that’s going to change the outlook as we come into the new year for Castle and Beckett.” But don’t panic—it’s not going to affect their relationship. “They’re not getting a divorce,” Amann promised.

Castle returns next Monday, Nov. 10, at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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