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Who wants to look far into the future? “Castle” has some pretty interesting and creative cases coming up a little later this season, and “Role of a Lifetime,” the last before a Christmas episode to close off the fall part of the season, looks to be a good one.

According to a new report from TVLine, the story here is going to revolve around the murder of a big-time action movie star. (The report says to think along the lines of Sylvester Stallone.) Some of the other characters in this episode could be a former co-star of the actor, a wife (similar to Brigitte Nielsen), and also the couple’s son, who works as a club promoter. All three of these people are possible persons of interest, which could of course evolve into something much more. 

Sometimes, we can get a pretty definitive perspective on whether or not a story is meant to be comedic or dramatic based on what we hear about it. This time, we are actually pretty torn. There are ways that we could see this being rather hilarious, but at the same time, many actors out there do end up having a rather tragic side to them. This could play a role in this case, depending on what sort of angle they choose to create with this character.

The one thing we do feel pretty confident about right now is that this is a story that Rick (Nathan Fillion) can probably relate to more than Kate (Stana Katic). He has spent a great deal of time in the spotlight, so he is probably more prepared for questions regarding fame and its effects.

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