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Question: In your Sept. 29 column, you were asked specifically about Nathan Fillion and whether he will renew his contract on Castle. I’m curious as to why it hasn’t been addressed that Stana Katic’s contract is about to expire as well. Katic is definitely a lead on Castle, and is imperative for the show’s future. It seems as though most news reports are focusing only on Fillion’s contract, but I would argue that without both Castle and Beckett, there is no way Castle would survive. What are your thoughts on this? Is there industry information that fans just haven’t been made aware of, like that Katic has already signed on for more seasons? It seems obvious to me that ABC would try to snag Fillion first, but I would think it doesn’t make much sense to ignore the other half of that duo. — Kate

Matt Roush: Here’s a secret: As a critic, I don’t report on contract negotiations, and generally, I don’t care about them until it actually affects the life of a show, because I tend to work under the assumption that most lead actors will eventually make a deal, choosing not to walk away from the show that helped make them a star. Of course, if they do, then it’s news. (See our archive on Cote de Pablo if you doubt it.) Until then, it’s pure speculation that I’d just as soon stay out of. Last week’s question was directly aimed at Nathan Fillion, who gave TV Guide Magazine a direct quote on this subject in our Returning Favorites issue. It didn’t occur to me then to wonder about his co-star, although you’re absolutely right that Castle without Beckett would be just as untenable as Castle without Castle. Rightly or wrongly, there may be an assumption that Stana Katic would be less likely to bolt than Fillion, who had a higher profile before this show came along. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if they’re not all back in place next year and for several seasons to come, unless and until the day comes when the producers, stars and network mutually agree that it’s time to hang it up. Given the season opener’s ratings, I’d imagine it could still be a while.


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