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QuestionCastle will enter its seventh season Monday night, but what are the chances this could be the final season for the ABC drama? Nathan Fillion’s contract expires at the end of this season and seven seasons marks the end for many series. Andrew Marlowehas stated the story doesn’t need to end once the two main characters get married (whenever that happens this season), but I’m not sure Castle can pull off a Bonesscenario. — Emily

Matt Roush: I don’t see why Castle couldn’t continue the way Bones has, with its central couple happily married (though not without the usual complications), but I can’t see Castle continuing without Castle — so if Nathan Fillion doesn’t renew his contract (although I expect he will, after the usual back and forth), that would be it, and I hope that decision would get made early enough for everyone to plan a grand finale for such a long-running crowd-pleaser. In our Returning Favorites issue, Fillion takes a “We’ll see” stance regarding his undecided future. Read into that what you will. (I read it as, “Make it worth my while and I’ll be back.”)


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