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Thanks to some uncovering from SpoilerTV and some other sites, we do luckily now have the titles for the first six episodes of the season. There are some in the premiere “Driven” and the third episode “Clear and Present Danger” (otherwise known as the invisible murder) that we heard about previously, but the rest qualify as new information, and hopefully fun stories for Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion to play. There’s also one in here that you in particular should be excited for based on the finer details alone.

  • 7×01, “Driven.”
  • 7×02, “Montreal.” One of the more intriguing titles, given that toys are supposedly a theme of the story here and we don’t know how a city in Quebec has anything to do with them at all. This is going to continue the shocking events with Rick and Kate from the premiere.
  • 7×03, “Clear and Present Danger.”
  • 7×04, “Child’s Play.” Is there an evil child army out there or something? There’s not a lot to go on here.
  • 7×05, “Meme is Murder.” This episode is written by Jim Adler, and may have one of our favorite titles of the entire series.
  • 7×06, “Time of Our Lives.” Adler confirmed on Twitter that this episode is being written by Terri Edda Miller, who wrote the season 6 finale and many other important episodes. It’s also filming before “Meme is Murder.” Could this be the big wedding episode? To quote one of Miller’s other episode titles, time will tell.

What do you think about some of these “Castle” titles? Share your thoughts right now with a comment.

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