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It was announced today that Nathan Fillion will be in the upcoming Black List Live! play presenting “The Seekers of Perpetual love” as new age cult deprogrammer, Rick. More information and tickets can be purchased at the site [here].

Event Details:

Join us for our second Black List Live! staged script reading, this time at the historic Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. Victoria Strouse directs her 2008 Black List script, THE SEEKERS OF PERPETUAL LOVE, with a cast of Hollywood actors you know and love soon to be announced.

Formerly known as THE APOSTLES OF INFINITE LOVE, SEEKERS is a comedy about a dysfunctional upper class New York family who recruit a New Age deprogrammer and go on the road to save their youngest daughter from a doomsday cult—confronting their deep-seated issues with each other along the way.

Doors open at 7:30pm. Show begins at 8:00pm.

Limited edition, signed movie posters by Pixar graphic artist Craig Foster will be available for sale in the lobby before and after the show.

Parking is available at 1601 and 1627 N Vine Street for $10-12.


When: Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM (PDT)

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Ticket Types: 

  • General Admission $35
  • WGA Member / Current Student $40

About: The Black List

The Black List is an online community where moviemakers find scripts to make and writers to write them and screenwriters find moviemakers to make their scripts and employ them. Begun in 2005 as an annual survey of several dozen executives favorite unproduced screenplays, the Black List has grown to survey over 500 executives each year (virtually 100% of Hollywood’s studio system’s executive corps). Over 270 Black List scripts have been produced into films grossing over $23 billion in worldwide box office. Black List scripts have won 37 Academy Awards – including three of the last six Best Pictures and eight of the last fourteen screenwriting awards – from 196 nominations.

In October 2012, the Black List launched an online database of every screenplay and teleplay circulating Hollywood and all those submitted by English language writers from around the world. Since its launch, it has hosted more than 15,000 screenplays teleplays and completed more than 24,000 script evaluations. Dozen of writers have found representation at major agencies and management companies or sold/optioned their screenplays as a direct result of introductions made via the site.

At any given moment, more than 2,600 scripts are actively hosted for perusal by over 2,400 film industry professionals ranging from agency assistants to studio and network presidents and A list actors and directors.

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