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I’ve added the live stream video for Nathan’s Nerd HQ panel! I’ll upload them when they are available, usually a little bit before the panel starts so check back for the video or check our twitter feed for updates.

I’ve added highlights of Nathan’s Saturday panel from the Q&A below, enjoy!

  • Nathan will be playing Firefly Online when it’s out and will build a ship just like his! #NerdHQ
  • A Castle & Firefly wallet made by a fan? It looks awesome! And now it’s signed on the inside by Nathan for $200 #NerdHQ
  • Nathan share’s his thoughts on the season 6 finale of #castle “:O A Fire? What about my beautiful beautiful face!” #NerdHQ
  • “Wait this show’s called Castle, I shall be safe!” #NerdHQ
  • Next item being auctioned off is a medical bracelet Nathan wore for Castle and has his birthday and the room number. #NerdHQ
  • Nathan would love to be gryffindor if he was at Hogwarts. He took a test once and ended up in slytherin! #NerdHQ
  • Nathan’s bucket list “to do” on film:
    – land a plane
    – play my own double
    – crack a safe [crossed off!] – hit a detonator button
    – light a dynamite from a cigar
    – drop a matching gas
    – walk away from an explosion
    – diffuse a bomb [I did that too!]
  • “Couple dollars, we’ll take a quick pic and move you out!” Nathan will be doing pics outside after the panel, any donation is welcomed!
  • That is an incredible gesture. This girl is donating $440 to another person for something in Nathan’s bag. #NerdHQ

I’ve added highlights of Nathan’s Sunday panel from the Q&A below, enjoy!

  • What’s the bestest sci-fi movie? “Iron man! Done, perfect – leave it alone. For me that was the beginning of the beginning.”
  • First item begin auctioned off is another #Serenity poster for $1,000 and a second one equally for $1,000 #NerdHQ
  • .@alan_tudyk would love to guest star on Castle. He’s got one season left.
  • #NerdHQ @NathanFillion’s signed the amazingly cool watch and @alan_tudyk signs the box for $650!
  • #NerdHQ The 8-bit magnets of Mal and Anara going for $250 – they are adorable!
  • But you park like an asshole magnet signed by @NathanFillion auctioned with comic & Mal action figure $600 #NerdHQ
  • .@alan_tudyk “$450 for this price tag that says $12.99!” #NerdHQ
  • A fan gave Nathan stamps with his face on them and he’s ecstatic! In return he’s giving her his business cards, magnets, etc. #NerdHQ
  • A towel wiped with Nathan and Alan’s sweat and signed? $250! #NerdHQ


A Conversation with Joss Whedon and Mystery Panel (Nathan replaced Joss as he couldn’t attend)

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