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The schedule for Nerd HQ 2014 has been released and Nathan will be attending 2 panels (confirmed) on Saturday July 26th @ 4:15pm and Sunday, July 27th @ 11am.

Tickets are $22 and are available to purchase:

  1. Saturday July 26th
  2. Sunday July 27th 

Here are some extra information about the event:

  • Where is it:? Petco Park.
  • How much are tickets? $22 each.
  • How many seats? 300+ seats.
  • How many tickets can I buy? 2 tickets per panel per order.
  • You can order multiple panels at once (though if you really want a panel, buy that one first). Multiple orders are allowed.
  • All proceeds go to @operationsmile
  • See more at:
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