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Nathan Fillion plays Johnny Worthington, one of the big men on campus in the new “Monsters University” film out on Friday.

While the actor might have the “swagger” to pull off the role now, the “Castle” star admitted to George Pennacchio of KABC Television,’s parent company, he was hung out with a “nerdy” group in college. Fillion also talked about being a huge fan of Pixar and how much time it took for him to record all of his lines.

Check out five highlights from Fillion’s interview below.

1. How much time did it take for him to do his voice work for “Monsters University”?

“You know what’s really clever is that you can do something for Pixar that maybe takes the better part of an afternoon one day and maybe an hour and a half another day,” Fillion said. “It actually kind of — sprinkle it out throughout a movie and it looks like you’ve come in and done something truly tremendous because so many other people have worked so very, very hard to make this thing great.”

“Really, it kind of boils down to a few hours, less than a day, for me really,” he added.

2. Johnny Worthington (his “Monsters University” character) has his swagger.

When asked if he and his character had anything in common, Fillion said, “Certainly the swagger. Certainly the swagger and when he talks, he does this kind of thing when he says, ‘Johnny, Johnny Worthington,’ he kind of starts one on side of the mouth and makes it all the way to the other side of the mouth. They really, in the movie, captured that whole slide. I enjoyed it.”

3. He was in a fraternity in college.

Fillion, who was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, attended the University of Alberta and was a part of the Kappa Alpha Society, one of the oldest undergraduate fraternities in existence. However, Fillion said he and his frat brothers were not the coolest guys on campus.

“I was in the Kappa Alpha Literary Society. We would be, we would be more of the nerd frat. We were kind of nerdy, pretty nerdy, pretty nerdy, but out of that frat came doctors, lawyers, a Rhodes Scholar and me.”

4. Fillion is a big Pixar fan.

“I’m a big fan of Pixar. I really am. I watched the documentary ‘The Pixar Story.’ I called in some favors. I got a tour of this facility [Pixar’s main office in Emeryville, California] years ago. I put the bug in a lot of people’s ear that I would love to be a part of what’s going on,” Fillion said. “I’m really excited about what they do here and how they do it. It’s obvious that people love working here and work incredibly hard and it’s challenging and there’s sacrificing but they’re happy. I just think it’s such an amazing place.”

5. He’s talks “Castle” news…sort of.

“We’re working really hard on ‘Castle’ to bring the audience what they want. I really hope they’re enjoying, I really do, because I’m having a good time doing it,” he said.

When asked if he’s got anything juicy for the audience Fillion replied, “I’ve got nothing. I have no idea what’s going to happen.” [SOURCE]

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