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TD: Did you have your own ideas going into production about how you’d adapt the roles?

Nathan Fillion: It’s strange how easily it lends itself to modern day.

CG: I knew it was the most accessible of Shakespeare’s work; the least verse. A fantastic love story [and] great comic characters. I remembered the poor geezer whose daughter is proposed to and then falsely accused of this huge scandal, and I remembered him being kind of ineffectual and doddering in the productions I’d seen. Then when I was doing it, now that I have a daughter, I was just enraged half the time; I wanted to kill everybody in sight. It wasn’t a comedy to me, at that point.

And I think that’s the kind of thing that happens when you don’t have the time to remember or watch movies or plan it out. It’s just, I don’t know, “Here I am, I’m in this scene, I’m in Joss’ house, and this guy is calling my daughter a slut in front of everybody! I may kill him!” You don’t worry about what’s appropriate; which I think is what happens a lot with Shakespeare, “How am I supposed to do this?”

TD: At the end of the day what did you take away, and what do you hope the audience takes away from this movie?

NF: I’m not a big Shakespeare lover; I wasn’t a big fan in high school, I always found him a little hoity-toity and snooty. I know now that Shakespeare, in capable hands, is accessible in the sense that it’s not snooty. It’s enjoyable, it’s entertaining. And I think that both William Shakespeare and Joss Whedon are deserving. [Source]

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