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Your character in the film, Johnny Worthington, he’s the top Scare student at Monsters University and president of the most auspicious fraternity on campus….

Nathan Fillion: Yeah, I play Johnny Worthington, the president of the most popular fraternity on the Monsters University campus, Roar Omega Roar (R?R). Johnny comes from a long line of MU Scarers and respects the school’s legacy, traditions and most of all, the system by which Scaring excellence is judged. And the movie sort of turns into this 1980s nerds against the cool guys fraternity movie – which is my jam, I’m all about those movies (laughs), I grew up on those. And one of the themes in this movie is seeing a person’s hidden value – a skill Johnny certainly lacks. And spoiler alert, Johnny’s a bit of a jerk (laughs).

What ingredients did you use to cook up the voice of Johnny Worthington?

Nathan Fillion: The secret to Johnny Worthington is that you have to kind of tap into… Johnny takes people at face value, and I think he’s a little shallow. He probably had a dad that was a real jerk to him, pushed him to win all the time. I picture that, “I didn’t raise a loser,” sort of rearing for Johnny. He has lots of swagger, a little bit of cheese and lots of pomp – lots of chest and pomp, with him swaggering around. Then to voice Johnny you’ve got to spin around what you’re going to say, you drag it out a little bit – throw some John Wayne in there. [Read the full interview]

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