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“What he [Fillion] pulls of in this is really remarkable because if you read it on paper you wouldn’t see that it seems like ‘conversational clarity’ the way that he makes it clear and funny,” Clark said.

Fillion added, “I haven’t been challenged like this in a long time.”

To prepare for his role as Leonato in Much Ado About Nothing, Gregg hired a full-time coach to grill him for two days so he could learn his lines in time for the 12-day production. Fillion researched his character’s dialogue through books and the internet, as well as phone calls to his retired schoolteacher parents “to give it a rhythm — I just wanted it to make sense.”

The preparation of cast and crew of Much Ado About Nothing certainly paid off, resulting in a whimsical and engaging tale that transcends time. Be sure to see the film on the big screen to enjoy and appreciate this timeless romantic comedy. [Read the full article]

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