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Nathan Fillion, beloved sci-fi geek, gadget hound, actor, nemesis of Dr. Horrible, and countless other titles, chatted with Conan O’Brien the other night about his love of everything from iPhones to Halloween costumes to electric vehicles.

“My expectations are far lower and are still not being met,” Fillion said, complaining about how 21st-century cars look nothing like he was promised as a kid. “I’m not expecting a UFO that I could park in my house. I’m just saying that if you were to slope it down and make it more aerodynamic and flat on the bottom, I would be saving a lot of fuel.”

In response, Conan brought up how Fillion has pre-ordered an Arcimoto SRK, a three-wheeled electric vehicle capable of (depending on the model) traveling between 60-120 miles on a single charge.

“[This vehicle] addresses a number of problems,” Fillion said. “One is, you’re not building an enormous vehicle just to drive one person to work. It’s electric, which I think is a no-brainer by now. It’s skinny. It’s a two-seater. You sit in it like a cockpit: one guy in the front and one guy in the back.”

Fillion’s love for Arcimoto actually goes back several years, when he excitedly told his large Twitter following in 2010 that he had “found his spaceship.” The small startup invited Fillion and fellow “Castle” castmate, Jon Huertas, out for a test drive, and the results were marketing gold — with Fillion’s tweets of joy crashing Arcimoto’s servers and landing him an interview with the NY Times. [Read the full article]

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