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Laremy Legel: I’ll start you off with a trick question, Nathan. You’ve worked with Joss [Whedon] for the better part of a decade. Have you seen him grow as a director, or has his consistency been one of the reasons you keep signing on to his projects?

Nathan Fillion: There are aspects of Joss that remain constant. He loves what he does, and he’s excellent at what he does. But Joss is a very intelligent man, and one of his gifts is that he can be incredibly smart around you but not make you feel stupid. Now, I’m not that bright, I’ve got street smarts, not book smarts. But I don’t think a guy like Joss can stop getting smarter. He’s always learning, he’s always adapting, he’s always creating. I don’t think you can be that kind of guy and not change. Still, the important parts, the parts that make him wonderful, those remain constant.

Well played, Fillion, well played. Next up, I’ve read that “Much Ado about Nothing” was an extremely rushed production, with only eleven days worth of shooting, so you didn’t have time for dozens of takes on each scene. Is that the way you prefer to work, or are you a “just give me one more crack at this” sort of fellow?

NF: A director once filmed me, he would do one take and say, “Perfect, print it, let’s move on.” And what he said was “Nathan, the enemy of good is better. If you’ve got it, don’t chase it.” [Read the full interview at Film.Com]

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