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The Firefly 10th anniversary special is inching closer to air and has the exclusive first clip from the Science Channel program’s roundtable discussion. Below is a scene where star Nathan Fillion explains what the crew of the Serenity means to Captain Malcolm Reynolds (touching, and an unsurprisingly Reynolds-centric worldview).
Several Firefly cast members will take the stage at New York City’s Comic-Con tomorrow at 6:15 p.m. for a panel titled “Firefly Tenth Anniversary Special Event: First Look.” EW’s own Kyle Anderson will moderate the panel (I would give you Kyle’s Twitter handle, but as he points out, he’s the only entertainment reporter in America who’s managed to escape Twitter’s gravitational pull). Plus, look for NYCC coverage on this weekend from Darren Franich.
The Science Channel’s Browncoats Unite special airs Nov. 11 at 10 p.m. The one-hour program taped this summer in a hotel in San Diego when the cast was on hand for SDCC (and you remember how Firefly-gasmic that panel was, right?). The roundtable special, like the SDCC panel, is moderated by EW’s Jeff Jensen. View the clip at EW.

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