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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In the past, you’ve had some doubts about getting Castle and Beckett together. Has that changed?
NATHAN FILLION: Yes, I have never been a proponent of these two getting together because I’ve always seen it as an ending. But two things: First, I think our writers have always been good at designing circumstances that keep them a part realistically. They’re never on the same page at the same time. It’s always in a reality-based way. However, I’m finding now that seeing [them getting together] as an ending has been a folly on my part. This has actually — the way the writers are treating it now — they’re treating it as if the first four seasons have been a protracted beginning. Now we can finally start the show. So it’s all been a very long, protracted beginning and now we can start the show.

Tell me about Castle’s reaction to hooking up with Beckett.
You know, Castle’s the kind of guy who always got what he wanted. He got success early on as a young man starting to write, success started coming easy to him. He’s been very successful throughout his life. He’s made a lot of money, and when he wants something, he gets it. And Beckett has been one of those things that he has not been able to get. She was hard to get. He really, really had to work at that. And now that he’s got her, he’s happy. He’s quite happy. He enjoyed the chase, but he’s happy now. [Read the full interview at EW]

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